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CAE ASIA was established in 2001 and started supply numerous industrial products to local industries. The first office was located in Rayong where a large and feasible market is located. In 2003 CAE Asia has transferred to its new office strategically located in Bangkok in order to cope up with the demands of its market and widen their business relations.

In the late 2001 CAE ASIA became the local agent of AMERON BONDSTRAND® PIPES and FITTINGS (a fiberglass pipes for offshore and industrial services). In 2003 CAE ASIA started to distribute pultruded and molded FRP products (fiberglass reinforced polymers) manufactured by STRONGWELL for the offshore industry. In the same year it started supplying pipe support and components from LISEGA.

Today CAE ASIA is committed to "supporting Asian Business in business" by providing problem-solving products that accommodate wide range of application and meet the demands of any specific environment. Moreover, CAE ASIA is rendering complete solid service.

CAE ASIA is bringing problem-solving products right into your door step. CAE ASIA is filling the gap by bringing the products and services you need at the shortest possible time to minimize undesirable loses. We get our supplies from the best manufacturers for your best interests and nothing less. For offshore, petro-chemical and industrial applications we only offer what you deserve, first class products and outstanding services.
Over the years CAE ASIA had been supplying fiberglass reinforced products, fiberglass reinforced pipes and fittings and pipe support and components to offshore, petro-chemical and industrial firms. As for our service team, they had been trained abroad, substantially equipped and always ready to provide immediate services anytime, anywhere.

CAE ASIA will continue to be your local supplier of international standard products and provider of full solid service. It is our goal to assist solidifies our clients' business stability and strengthens their global reach.

CAE ASIA has tremendous years in its chosen business. Today it is significantly active as an authorized agent for STRONGWELL® fiberglass reinforced polymer products, AMERON® fiberglass reinforced pipes and fittings, LISEGA pipe support and components and some other industrial products mostly for the offshore industry. The demand for these products is practically increasing because of their unique features and wide scope of application. These products are considered to be the best alternative to steel and other materials nowadays.

CAE ASIA is now supplying fiberglass reinforced pipes and fittings, pultruded and molded fiberglass products (i.e. gratings and railing system) and pipe support and components. These products are supplied to various international and local firms engaged in offshore platform erection, oil and gas production, petro-chemical refineries and chemical industries.

CAE ASIA is proud to be working with Chevron, CUEL, ABB, PTT, Thai Nippon, BAYER, TUNTEX and Thai Asahi to name a few. The key to our growth is determining what our clients' needs are and providing them the products that satisfy beyond expectation. CAE has hardly been trying to meet almost all the clients' needs over the years and will continue to do so.
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